Wind Sweeps Away the Plum Blossoms – PDF


PDF version of the original book.

[printfriendly]The majority of this book is based on three popular Chinese editions of Taijiquan spear and staff manuals. Translations of T’ai Chi Thirteen Spear by Li Ying-Arng (which is likewise a composite of various texts), T’ai Chi Sword, Sabre & Staff by Yearning K. Chen, and The Complete Book of T’ai Chi Ch’uan by Tseng Chao-Jan, these works respectively form sections one, two, and three.

Other major sources used for compiling this work include T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Methods of Application by Yang Cheng-Fu, The Essential Meaning of T’ai Chi Ch’uan by Huang Yuan-Hsu, An Explanation of T’ai Chi Ch’uan by Tung Ying-Chieh, and An Explanation of Shaolin Temple Spear and Staff, plus numerous other books and articles of reference concerning taiji quan and spear and staff.