Wind & Dew DVD


Daoist Meditation Series
Total running time: 37:28
Narrated by Stuart Alve Olson
Featuring Patrick Gross

[printfriendly]This version of Wind & Dew was designed to work in conjunction with the Eight Brocades Seated Qigong Exercises DVD and is considered as the second stage in a three-part program on Daoist Meditation taught through online sessions with Patrick Gross and (coming soon) online courses from Valley Spirit Arts. The third stage includes the Internal Alchemy teachings of Setting Up the Foundation.

Ideally, you would practice the first four brocades, then the Wind & Dew methods, then meditate on Setting Up the Foundation, then conclude with the last four brocades. From the practices of these stages of Internal Alchemy, the fundamentals for achieving the experience of circulating qi through the Lesser Heavenly Circuit are greatly enhanced.