The Complete Guide to Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu


Stuart Alve Olson
Blue Snake Books, 2005, 2010

[printfriendly]The Complete Guide to Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu provides an in-depth look at the history and practice of this remarkable martial art. Author Stuart Alve Olson, longtime student of T.T. Liang, primarily draws on the lineages of Masters Feng Huan-I and Wang Han-Fon but includes detailed descriptions of all major schools, styles, and lineages. The first half of the book provides a clear, thorough account of the development of the art and the Taoist principles from which it arose; the second half contains step-by-step descriptions of the fundamental Praying Mantis stances, exercises, footwork, and kicks, which are clearly illustrated by more than 200 photographs. Including important information on tactics, theory, mental techniques, breath work, and philosophy, this book provides the basis for not only mastering the martial art of Praying Mantis Kung Fu but also mastering oneself—the true goal of all martial arts.