Taiji Sword, Saber & Staff DVD


[printfriendly]This DVD provides demonstrations and instructions on the Taijiquan Sword, Saber, and Staff forms as detailed in volume 6 of the Chen Kung Series: Tai Ji Bing Shu, translated by Stuart Alve Olson, and is meant to be studied with that work. Full instructions with Stuart Alve Olson’s commentaries on the sword, saber, and staff are found in the book, whereas the DVD focuses on showing the forms and practices as Chen Kung decribed them.

Although these weapons are complete training systems of Taijiquan, each has a primary focus in its intentions: sword develops the skill of extending intrinsic energy through the arms and hands, saber develops the skill of issuing qi from the spine, and staff develops the skill of directing intrinsic energy through the waist.

The Yang Family was truly genius in making these weapon practices integral parts of their Taijiquan system of training. Without learning the skills inherent to each weapon, your level of skill cannot reach its highest potential, as each weapon becomes an extension of the body, providing the skills of expressing intrinsic energy, qi, and spirit.

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