Taiji Qigong DVD


Companion DVD to Tai Ji Qi
Featuring Patrick Gross
Produced by Valley Spirit Arts
Running time: 40 minutes

[printfriendly]This DVD presents the traditional and long-held secret Qigong exercises of the Yang Family of Taijiquan. Along with the companion book Tai Ji Qi, translated by Stuart Alve Olson, the full teachings of this effective practice are explained and demonstrated.

Anyone beginning to practice Taijiquan should start with these fundamental exercises to develop their Qi first, and those already practicing should learn these Qigong methods to shore up their foundation.

Taiji is predominantly an internal art, so the primary goal is to develop the Qi. Taiji is internal alchemy in motion, or meditation in action. The Taiji Qigong Form, Post Stances, Expressing the Qi Exercise, and Cai Tui (Pulling Leg) movements make it easier to progress in your Qi development.

To fully benefit from the practice of Taijiquan, the Qi must be internalized, and this only occurs from moving with the breath and focusing the Qi in the Dan-Tian (lower abdomen). Therefore, the principles and exercises shown in this DVD and explained in the book Tai Ji Qi are essential to the mastery of Taijiquan.