Tai Ji Quan Self-Defense Instructional Program (3-DVD Set)


Total running time: 04:30:01
Filmed in October 15–16, 2011, at the Sanctuary of Dao

[printfriendly]In this series, Stuart distills many of the techniques and principles he learned from Master T.T. Liang (1900–2002), one of the most skilled and famous Tai Ji masters of our time.

This 3-DVD set includes a wealth of material on Tai Ji application as well as explanations of how Tai Ji works within the context of self-defense. Demonstrations along with many stories of Master T.T. Liang are provided. This is a DVD series that any martial artist and every Tai Ji practitioner should review and own.

All Tai Ji Quan adherents, whether they are beginners or longtime practitioners, can greatly increase their knowledge and skills from studying this DVD set.

Although learning directly from a teacher is best, Stuart filmed this workshop in order to provide these teachings to people who are unable to study with him in person. He only teaches this material in a yearly workshop or in private courses, so learning from this DVD series is an invaluable alternative, giving you access to material you could otherwise not receive.