Tai Chi Thirteen Sword: A Sword Master’s Manual


• Each copy signed by Stuart with his personal seal

This is the most comprehensive book in the English language dealing exclusively with Tai Chi Chuan’s exotic “thirteen sword” form. In this book, the author brings the reader through the history, fundamentals, movements, and applications of this rare form, and presents priceless illustrations of famous tai chi masters demonstrating tai chi sword techniques. This description may be from another edition of this product.

Tai Chi Thirteen Sword goes far beyond just describing the traditional Yang-style Sword Form. Included within are first time-presentations of the following Sword aspects.

  • Detailed posture instructions and photographs with the author performing the movements.
  • Internal principles and applications for each of the sword form postures.
  • Warm-up methods and the San-Chiao (triangulation) Two-Person Training Exercises.
  • Secrets of the Eight Sword Hands.
  • The Thirteen Secret Sword Meanings and their applications.
  • Methods for training the Sword fingers (Sword Charm).
  • A pictorial essay of three famous Sword Masters—Chen Weiming, Hsiung Yangho, and T.T. Liang—performing the Traditional Tai Chi Sword Form.

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Original Publisher: Unique Publications, 1998
260 Pages
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ISBN: 1892515148

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