Tai Chi Sensing Hands


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This book presents for the first time in one comprehensive volume a complete record of Yang-style Tai Chi Tui Shou (also known as “Push Hands” or “Sensing Hands”) techniques.

Although most Tai Chi practitioners are currently familiar with three or four of the main Tui Shou techniques, there are a variety of other “hidden” tui shou methods that previously have not been presented to the public. Much of the information in this volume has never before been available in the English language and is held so secret that much of the Tai Chi community is not aware that these methods exist.

Contained within this book are detailed explanations and photographs of the Eight Styles of Sensing Hands and the Four Movements of Fixed-Stance and Active Steps—which incorporate the posture movements of Warding-Off, Rolling-Back, Pressing, and Pushing.

Included are instructions on how to perform the ten exercises in High, Medium, and Low posturings of Closed and Direct Stances, and how to incorporate Tao movements and practice Free Sparring.

Also provided is a detailed explanation of the original and true meanings of Adhering, Sticking, Joining, and Following—the traditional terms of applying Warding-Off, Rolling-Back, Pressing, and Pushing.

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