Scripture on Tao and Virtue
 (Tao De Jing): Escritura sobre Tao y Virtud


By Lao Zi

8.25″ x 6″
Black & White on Cream paper
128 pages
BISAC: Philosophy / Taoist

Translated into English by Stuart Alve Olson
Spanish translation by Suzanne J. Nosko

The main themes of the Scripture on Tao and Virtue include the Taoist ideals of living in non-contention, non-interference, and non-conformity. The text underscores these three ideals (virtues) by teaching people to live in appreciation of life, in harmony with nature, and in awareness of the inner spirit.

The Scripture on Tao and Virtue has been an immensely popular work, in both Chinese and English, for the following reasons:

  1. Lao Zi’s words strike a deep chord within the reader, as they express a truth about life and spirituality that people can recognize but are unable to articulate on their own.
  2. Lao Zi makes clear that females are not only equal in society but in many ways superior to males. Other philosophical and religious systems seem to always put women into an inferior role, but Lao Zi does not adhere to that perspective.
  3. Lao Zi adamantly advises people to avoid contention, violence, and war. His stand against violence, he states, is the “father of his teachings.”

This multilingual book presents the Tao De Jing in Chinese (with Pinyin pronunciation), English, and Spanish—making it accessible to more people, as the work was not meant for just the Chinese. It resonates globally with people of every culture. This work will be a welcome and valuable addition to anyone’s library of Eastern philosophical literature.