The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic: The Taoist Guide to Health, Longevity, and Immortality


Stuart Alve Olson
Inner Traditions, 2003

[printfriendly]Taoist mystics claim that it is possible to achieve immortality: “Within each of us dwells the medicine to cure the affliction of mortality.”

Now Western readers can access the wisdom of Taoist masters on the subject of immortality through the first English translations of three classic Taoist treatises: The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic; The Immortals, from the Pao P’u Tzu by Ko Hung of the Sung Dynasty; and The Three Treasures of Immortality, from the Dragon Gate Sect.

The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic teaches that one can attain immortality through the cultivation of the three treasures of jing (sexual and physical energy), qi (breath and vital energy), and shen (spirit and mental energy).

Testimonial for The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic

“Contains very good explanations of and information on Chinese Taoist concepts, principles, practices, and goals. It also provides useful tips for everyday health and pointers for accessing the mysteries of mysticism. Readers will be inspired to begin or renew their commitments for cultivating a fuller life.”

—Master Mantak Chia,
author of Taoist Cosmic Healing