Imagination Becomes Reality – PDF


Valley Spirit Arts is proud to be making Stuart‘s Alve Olson’s classic book on Master Liang’s 150-Posture Form available through our website.

From the original back cover:
Imagination Becomes Reality presents the heart of Liang’s teachings, including his own version of the Yang style 150-posture solo form. Taken from T.T.’s own notes, this is the most comprehensive description of the form ever presented. Rare interviews and articles by T.T. Liang explore the basic principles and deeper meaning of this increasingly popular martial art.

The remarkable photography both captures the full power, grace, and subtlety of Taiji while providing a detailed count-by-count presentation of each posture.

“Master T.T. Liang is a Chinese martial arts treasure in Western society. He was a true pioneer in the development of T’ai Chi Ch’uan in the United States of America. With his translations of ancient T’ai Chi documents, Western T’ai Chi practitioners are able to find an accurate guide and path for their training.”

—Dr. Yang Jwing-ming, author of Yang Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Ch’i-Kung: Its Roots and Origins