Entering the Rosy Clouds: The Taoist Art of Sexual Pleasure, Restoration, and Transcendence


Sex is the most powerful psychological and physiological energy in the human experience. Just treated recreationally, it becomes a catalyst for poor health and early death, but when used with a purpose and discipline, becomes an exceptional path for experiencing optimal health and longevity, and as a means for experiencing transcendental states.

The first chapter on Rosy Clouds, as presented by Taoist Immortal Li Qingyun, teaches how sexual matters should be attuned to the workings and timing of nature in order to achieve health and longevity. The second chapter on the Plain Maiden Classic explains how sex can be employed for the advancement of health and longevity, providing many of the longstanding principles of self-care used in Chinese medicine even to this day. The third chapter, Thirty Sexual Types of Skills by Consort Tong Xuanzi, goes to the heart of harmonizing a person’s emotional (Qi) needs for the attainment of optimum health and mental well-being. The fourth chapter, Three Oral Treasures, as attributed to Crimson Immortaless Wu of the Broad Cauldron Sect of Taoism, presents the more sexual Internal Alchemy teachings which, at best, catapult practitioners into forming the Elixir of Immortality or simply guide the participants into more euphoric or transcendent states of mind stimulated by sexual meditative means, as is found in the early traditions of tantra developed in India.

Learning how to handle and utilize the energy of sexual activity is much more beneficial to one’s life than just experiencing the normal trap of reacting to sexual impulses and desires. With understanding comes greater experience, greater benefit, and a greater sex life. The four gateways to Taoist sexuality and practice detailed in this book are but branches of a singular path leading to the same destination, a transformational experience of our innate sexuality and energy, rooted in compassion and wisdom.

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