Clarity & Tranquility: A Guide for Daoist Meditation


5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm) 
Black & White on Cream paper
150 pages

Clarity & Tranquility: A Guide for Daoist Meditation is an in-depth work on the method of Tranquil Sitting, a crucial and important practice for all Daoist practitioners. Stuart Alve Olson’s introduction provides a great deal of valuable advice, history, and purpose for Tranquil Sitting. The main body of the work is divided into three integral sections that provide a comprehensive overview for anyone seriously seeking to practice meditation, whether one is a beginner or a longtime practitioner. Each section is distinct, yet they all work together to ensure the meditation practitioner has not only the insight of purpose for Daoist meditation, but the correct method.

The Supreme Exalted One’s Clarity and Tranquility of the Constant Scripture is a central and key text on Daoist meditation. During the Song dynasty (960–1279 CE), Bai Yuchan (Jade Toad immortal) said the following on its importance: “The main theme of this text is to reveal that the attainment of clarity and tranquility are the source conditions for obtaining immortality.”

In 1927, Li Qingyun, the 250-Year-Old Man, gave the following advice on Tranquil Sitting: “Meditation is the first important rule for the fundamentals of longevity. This stabilizes the Jing [Essence], concentrates the Shen [Spirit], and controls the Vital-Energy [Qi].”

Clarity & Tranquility, along with Refining the Elixir and The Seen and Unseen are all companion works to Olson’s Being Daoist: The Way of Drifting with the Current, which focuses on the philosophical foundations of Daoism.

Whereas Clarity & Tranquility confines itself to the practice and philosophy of Tranquil Sitting meditation, Refining the Elixir addresses the Daoist Internal Alchemy teachings, and The Seen and Unseen presents the practice of Daoist contemplative meditation. Stuart Alve Olson is also working on two other key meditation texts: The Yellow Court Scripture and The Secret of the Golden Flower.


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