Chen Tuan’s Four Season Internal Kungfu


Breathing Methods, Exercises, Herbs and Foods for Longevity


This book provides direct translations from one of China’s greatest holistic healers and teachers, Taoist immortal Chen Tuan (871–989 CE), whose Four Season Qigong and Twenty-Four Dao Yin Seated Exercises were modeled on the four seasons and twenty-four lunar periods of the year. The exercises are really quite simple and take little time to perform. Despite their simplicity, the corresponding principles and theories supporting them are quite profound. Anyone sincerely engaging in these practices will not only find a trove of health benefits, but also acquire a deep appreciation  of Chen Tuan’s truly brilliant work.

The book also presents advice on herbs and foods recommended for each season, clear explanations of the functions of the Twelve Primary Qi Meridians, Five Viscera, and Six Bowels of the human body, and the cures and remedies associated with each of the exercises. In addition, you’ll find Chen Tuan’s two Sleeping Qigong exercises (and several other related ones), as well as two Medical Kung and Herbal Regimes.

Stuart Alve Olson has masterfully expounded Chen Tuan’s teachings, uniquely showing that External Alchemy (Waidan), the Dao Yin Exercises described herein, are like the processes of a caterpillar forming a protective cocoon around itself, while Internal Alchemy (Neidan), the Refining the Elixir practices, enable the metamorphosis culminating in the emergence of a butterfly. The exercises in this book are for Setting Up the Foundation of Internal Alchemy. Without doing the work of a caterpillar forming its cocoon, it can never turn into a butterfly. Without doing the work of restoring your Three Treasures of Jing, Qi, and Shen, you will never have the necessary components (cocoon if you will) to transform into an immortal. These exercises can help you on your path, whether you simply want to find moments of peace and calm within your day, improve your health and well-being, or take on the work of immortalizing your spirit, Chen Tuan’s Four Season Internal Kung Fu will take you far along the way.


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