Casting the I Ching with Yarrow Stalks


For thousands of years, the I Ching (Yi Jing) has been an amazing guide for helping people navigate their paths and problems through life. This companion DVD to Stuart Alve Olson’s Book of Sun and Moon (I Ching) Series (vols. I & II) not only provides instructions for using the stalks but also offers many insights into the Yi that will benefit anyone’s practice and use of this incredible oracle for divination and calculation of the natural world.

Although many texts describe the method for divining hexagram images, this DVD clearly shows the correct processes for manipulating the yarrow stalks and how to calculate not only the Main Hexagram but the Changing Hexagram (if there is one) and the Inner Hexagram as well.

Using this traditional method of casting the yarrow stalks for consulting the I Ching helps bring about a much clearer interpretation, providing a more meditative and intuitive process.

Run time: 32 min.