The Practical Use Methods of Tai Ji Quan by Yang Chengfu

(太 極 拳 使 用 法). 165 pages. Many photographs. Original 1953 Chinese edition.

This book is actually a commemorative book put together for a Tai Ji Convention held at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. Includes photographs and instruction of Yang Chengfu performing the solo form and also the spear methods with Tong Yingjie. It also lists the various lineages of the Yang family, along with photographs of the convention and the members who attended (Master Liang included).

This is one of those books that is beyond being a collector’s item, as there is so much valuable history of the Yang family in this book.

Starting bids of $1,000. If you are interested in acquiring this book, please contact us.

Yang Chengfu 01

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