Scripture on Tao and Virtue (Now Available)
The main themes of the Scripture on Tao and Virtue include the Taoist ideals of living in non-contention, non-interference, and non-conformity. The text underscores these three ideals (virtues) by teaching people to live in appreciation of life, in harmony with nature, and in awareness of the inner spirit.

This multilingual book presents the Tao De Jing in Chinese (with Pinyin pronunciation), English, and Spanish—making it accessible to more people, as the work was not meant for just the Chinese. It resonates globally with people of every culture. This work will be a welcome and valuable addition to anyone’s library of Eastern philosophical literature.



Tai Chi Changes (Preorder)
Tai Chi Changes is the long-awaited followup to Stuart Alve Olson’s T’ai Chi According to the I Ching: Embodying the Principals of the Book of Changes. That book focuses on the 16-posture Yi Tai Chi form which is part of the 64-posture form taught in this work.

These 16- and 64-posture arrangements are Yang Style Taijiquan forms based on the workings of the Book of Changes. The 16-posture sequence relates to patterns of movement according to the Eight Trigrams, while the 64-posture form relates to a unique organization of the 64 Hexagrams. Stuart collectively refers to this style of Taijiquan as Yi Tai Chi (Tai Chi Changes), with the 16-posture form’s full title being the Before Heaven Yi Tai Chi Form and the 64-posture form as the After Heaven Yi Tai Chi Form.

Along with the descriptions for each count (or part) of a posture, the book includes photos showing the hand and arm positions as well as foot diagrams that provide a top-down view of the specific Taijiquan stance, the direction the body faces at the end of each count (in the highlighted trigram image), and which foot is carrying the weight (indicated by a white dot in the foot icons). Seeing the diagrams along with the photos of Stuart are extremely helpful, not only for learning each posture but also to have as a quick reference guide for any particular section of the form. The posture photos and diagrams add to the instructions by showing stances and arm positions without having to constantly repeat such details in the text. At the end of each posture is a comprehensive chart diagramming every count in the After Heaven Yi Tai Chi Form. Just from the posture photos, foot and stance diagrams, and the posture summary charts, a great deal of detailed information is available for long-term study and mastery of Yi Tai Chi.

Serving as the foundational work and source book of the entire Yi Tai Chi system—which Valley Spirit Arts teaches through online courses, workshops, and private lessons—Tai Chi Changes is as much for beginners as it is for the more advanced students of Taijiquan. All readers will acquire a great deal of information.

Embracing the One: Transformation Through Visualization The Embracing the One (抱 一, Bao Yi) visualization meditation method relies on the use of an illustration called “The Sexual Intercourse (or Marriage) of the Dragon and Tiger,” which first appeared in the Ming dynasty text The Jade Tablet Decrees on Nature and Life, one of the most important Internal Alchemy works in all of Taoism. The Dragon represents Qi (vitality/breath), our spiritual energy; and the Tiger, the Jing (essence/the body), our sexual energy. Together they symbolize the two main aspects of the human consciousness and function, representing the ego (Dragon) and our instincts (Tiger).

In this book, Stuart Alve Olson provides a concise and detailed look at the Taoist visualization meditation method of Embracing the One, clearly explaining the underlying principles of this ancient practice and providing the first English translation of the text, illustration, procedures, and related chants. Even though the methods of Embracing the One are distinctly simple in application the effects of the overall practice are quite profound and deep. Through the simple act of visualizing the Dragon and Tiger a whole new mind ground can be discovered, naturally bringing forth the “Spirit.” This little work is in many ways a landmark piece on Taoism and will definitely augment one’s knowledge of meditation and Taoist philosophy. More …

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Free PDF Tai Shang Gan Ying Pian The Supreme Exalted One’s Treatise on Actions and Retributions This PDF provides the basic English translation and original Chinese text. It was created for the purpose of being a quick reference for the study and recitation of this classical work. For more information about the treatise, including Stuart Alve Olson’s introduction, commentaries, notes, and insights into the text, please see Actions & Retributions: A Taoist Treatise on Attaining Spiritual Virtue, Longevity, and Immortality.

Tai Ji Quan Shi Yong Fa: Practical Use Methods of Taijiquan A Commemorative Book for a Combined Assembly of Yang Family Taijiquan Lineage Holders (Chinese Text Only) Authored by Yang Chengfu, Compiled and Edited by Liang Hancao and Han Zhengsheng Collector Edition (Chinese language only) This Chinese reproduction by Valley Spirits Arts comes from an original work on the Practical Use Methods of Tai Ji Quan. This commemorative book was originally compiled by a combined assembly of Yang Family Taijiquan lineage holders who held a conference during the third month of 1953 at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.

The book contains many photos of the event as well as 102 photographs of Yang Chengfu performing the Yang Family Taijiquan postures, eight photos of the two main sets of Taijiquan Pushing Hands, thirty-seven photos of Yang Chengfu performing Taijiquan applications, and fourteen photos of the Taiji Spear two-person set (featuring Master Chen Weiming).

The book also contains many original Yang Family writings, lineage charts and photos of teachers and biographies of Yang Family members and disciples (Chinese text only).

This collector’s edition is a companion work to the short film (narrated in English) that Master T.T. Liang produced at the conference, also available from Valley Spirit Arts in the DVD Master T.T. Liang Taijiquan Demonstrations. The rare historical footage in the DVD includes demonstrations of Prof. Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s 37-Posture T’ai Chi Ch’uan Solo Form, Master T.T. Liang’s 178-Posture Two-Person (San Shou) T’ai Chi Ch’uan Set, T’ai Chi Double-Edged Sword Form, and the San-Cai (Three Powers) Sword Fencing Set.

Sample Book Pages: YangCommemorationBook_Sample_Pages
The Tai Ji Quan Shi Yong Fa: Practical Use Methods of Taijiquan book and Master T.T. Liang Taijiquan Demonstrations DVD are true historical treasures on the art of Taijiquan. Purchase the Yang Family Lineage Holders Book and DVD Set at the discounted price of $69.95 ($79.90 when sold separately).

Tai Ji Quan: 105-Posture Yang Style Solo Form Instructions and Applications

The long-awaited third volume in the Chen Kung Series presents the detailed instructions on the original Yang Style 105-Posture Taijiquan form, along with explanations of the practical self-defense applications, commentaries by Chen Kung, translations of the illustrations in the text, and notes by Stuart Alve Olson. A truly remarkable, insightful work that complements anyone’s library on the art of Taijiquan.

Chen Kung Series Update Next book in the series to be published: Tai Ji San Shou & Da Lu: Mastering the Two-Person Application Skills, vol. 5.

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Online Master’s Program on the Art of Taijiquan

Each lesson in this program will be taught in detail by Stuart Alve Olson, along with explanations on various self-defense techniques, intrinsic energies, principles, and theories. These lessons go beyond just demonstrations and instructions, delving deeply into the aspects for mastering Taijiquan practice. Sixty+ lessons will eventually be made available. Study them one-by-one at your own pace. Check back for updates as they become available and join our mailing list.

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