Eight-Part Intensive Book of Changes Online Course

Instructed by Stuart Alve Olson

This course will cover numerous aspects of the Book of Changes (I Ching or Yi Jing) for both calculation and divination methods. In each section of the course, Stuart will cover one or more areas of study and assign some homework tasks. The entire course will total over 16 hours of instruction. Those who attend all eight sessions and complete the homework assignments will earn a Certificate of Completion. This course is open to anyone with an interest in the Book of Changes. 

Stuart will be explaining many aspects of the Book of Changes not found in materials anywhere else. If you seek to have a deep understanding of the Book of Changes and its two uses of calculation and divination, then do not miss this course!

Stuart will be explaining many aspects of the Book of Changes not found in materials anywhere else, such as correlations with the arts of Feng Shui, Nine Dragon Palaces, astrology, geomancy, also in-depth explanations on “triangulation” used in interpreting hexagrams. In the first session, Stuart will give a very rare, unique, and detailed explanation of the Eight Trigrams.

Starting Sunday, July 28, 2–4 pm.
With a short break after the first hour.

In-Person Attendance
Those living in Phoenix, AZ, may attend the seminars at Stuart’s home. Please register quickly because he will only be able to accommodate six students.

Online Attendance
For those attending online, we will be using ZOOM Cloud Meetings app. We are limited in the number of users we can accommodate, so please register as soon as possible to ensure a spot in the course.

Each of the eight seminars will be filmed, so if you cannot be online on a certain date we can send you the clip for later viewing. All participants will be receiving the seminar recordings.

Seminars will run every other Sunday in two-week intervals.

  1. July 28
  2. August 11
  3. August 25
  4. September 8
  5. September 22
  6. October 6
  7. October 20
  8. November 3

Required Materials
Book of Sun and Moon (volumes I & II) by Stuart Alve Olson (order here).

Seminar Fee
$320 (each seminar runs $40 per participant).

Two ways to pay:

  1. Pay Here for All Eight Seminars and receive a discount of $64 dollars. Total when paying in advance, $256 USD. (Discount price valid until July 28.)
  2. Pay Here for  Individual Class, $40 every two weeks. Payments must be made 24 hours prior to the seminar date.

For those who cannot attend the seminar but would still like to receive the videos, the cost is $360. (This option is only valid until July 28.)
Pay Here

Full refunds are given in the event Stuart has to cancel the course. No refunds are given to participants who do not attend all or one of the seminars.

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