Eight-Part Intensive Book of Changes Online Course

Doors to the I Ching Seminar will be closing soon! You can still join for a limited time!

For beginners or advanced students of the I Ching alike, this course will help you acquire a deeper understanding of the I Ching (Book of Changes). Stuart shares insights not found in any English work. And with the recordings of classes, you can go back to listen and integrate the concepts at more advanced levels as you continue learning.

  • The I Ching is one of the earliest books ever written and is a foundational text of Taoism and Confucianism.
  • With its wisdom on the deeper patterns underlying reality, it has been used in Chinese culture since ancient times to help people make decisions on everything from financial matters to governmental decisions to marriages.
  • The I Ching is the origin of Feng Shui, so this would be a great class to help you further your learning in that as well.

The Registration fee is $320 for all eight seminars. Take advantage of this opportunity to attend the live classes and receive the video recordings included in this current price. Once the doors close, the videos of the entire course will cost over $400.

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Lesson one of eight was completed last Sunday, July 28th. If you join now, you can listen to the replay of the first class and join in live for our next class, on August 11th. You can attend the classes in person or online or watch the video footage that we send to all participants after each class—or a combination of the two.

After knowing and learning from Stuart for about 15 years, we are always thrilled to take one of his new courses because he always delivers steady, reliable and new nuggets of wisdom in each course. The depth of the topics that Stuart covers are so profound, that you truly need a teacher of his caliber and background that you can follow year after year for the growth and assimilation of the knowledge to become embedded.

—Colleen Inman & Mike Leoni

There are many ways to go about studying the I Ching and Stuart Olson offers a unique perspective about how to step into what may well become a lifelong investigation of one of the world’s greatest books.  Make no mistake, it will not be easy.  You will be challenged to actually sit down and think.  Just do it, and enjoy the ride!

—Fred Werner

Seminars will run every other Sunday
in two-week intervals.

  1. July 28
  2. August 11
  3. August 25
  4. September 8
  5. September 22
  6. October 6
  7. October 20
  8. November 3

Required Materials
Book of Sun and Moon (volumes I & II) by Stuart Alve Olson (order here).