Author Submissions

Are You An Author/Translator Wanting to Get Your Book Published, or a Teacher Looking to Produce a DVD?

Chinese AuthorsValley Spirit Arts specializes in books and DVDs on Daoist philosophy, martial art, and Chinese health-related subjects. Since 2010, we have published twelve books and nine DVDs by Stuart Alve Olson, with many more works to come.

No matter if you’ve already launched a book or DVD with some other company, or are looking to create your first project, please contact us to discuss the best way to publish your work through us. We offer two paths toward publication:

1) Publish under our imprint and through our website.

Authors no longer need to suffer the traditional publishing route in which the publisher takes at least 90 percent of the sales from your hard work and effort, and only pays you once or twice a year, and, then, only after you’ve paid off their charges for editing and returned any advance you might have taken. We split all profits with you on a monthly basis, and incur all the production costs while making your book or DVD part of the Valley Spirit Arts line.

Also, our book and DVD agreements run for just five years, so if you decide later to sell your book on your own, move to another publisher, or re-sign with us, you will then be able to do what you wish. If your work fits with our imprint, and we agree to publish your book or DVD, there will be no costs on your part. Although we don’t offer an advance for books and DVDs we publish, we split royalties and profits with you at a 50/50 rate.*

Books and DVDs published by Valley Spirits Arts must fit in with our genre.

2) Hire us to edit, typeset the interior text, and design the full cover of your book (no matter what subject or genre), or to edit and produce your DVD (we will also consult on the filming).

After completing your project, we will set you up with Amazon/CreateSpace to publish and sell your project on your own. We not only create the printable book files, eBook file, and DVD masters, but can help you add a PayPal account for your business, and even set up your website to sell your book. Just choose what services you need from us. If you want us to handle everything, we can provide a flat-rate quote to get your book or DVD up and running.

Regardless of the subject matter, we will work with any author
in any field who wishes to hire our services to self-publish.

Contact us for more information!