Book Investment Program

VSAGoldLogoAboutWe are very grateful for the wonderful and generous support we have received for the Book Investment Program we initiated this past year. We are so pleased that we will finally be able to publish so many incredible Daoist works.

Valley Spirits Arts is offering this investment opportunity to help complete and publish Stuart Alve Olson’s extensive list of remarkable works. Stuart’s translations, commentaries, and original works have become extremely valuable guides in helping readers navigate the often mysterious and difficult-to-understand Chinese works on Daoism, Taijiquan, and meditation.

Please contact us to discuss funding any of our future books. 

Your investment of $2,000 (per book) is repaid in full at the end of three years. During that time you will earn a 5% royalty from all sales of the book during the three years, paid on a monthly basis. However well the book sells during those three years determines the profit you earn from funding the book. No matter how it sells, though, you are guaranteed a full return of your original investment along with your royalty share.