Master T.T. Liang’s Tai Chi Form Music CD

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Performing T’ai Chi to music makes your forms more consistent, precise, and relaxing. The following CD includes beautiful reproduced recordings of Chinese traditional songs, arranged with and without the “bung da” beats that Master Liang used for counting out the movements in any given posture.

Master T.T. Liang was the first to truly apply music and set beats to T’ai Chi practice. He found that music not only helped relax his mind and body, but made his performance of the postures much more consistent. In Liang’s 150-Posture form, each gesture within a posture was divided into beats and half-beats (what he called, bung da) so the form would be performed uniformly and aid in the development of the breath and qi.

This CD also includes a recording of the original Chinese music Liang used for his practice. Any former students of Master Liang will truly enjoy this CD.