Discourse on Transforming Inner Nature


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This wonderful and remarkable book by Wang Fengyi (1864–1937) is a true testament to the benefits of Daoist spiritual cultivation. At age thirty-five, having become aware of the repercussions and implications of emotions on his own health condition, Wang attained the Dao and began spreading his teachings. One of his most remarkable accomplishments was the founding of countless schools for young women, making education accessible to them on a large scale.

Wang Fengyi’s teachings are like a thoughtful and insightful poetry that can allow one to transform oneself, one’s body and one’s Spirit. If you seek to help others or bring wellness to yourself, these teachings can be enormously beneficial, offering direction and great insights for one’s well-being.

As Daoist practitioners, Johan Hausen and Jonas Akers have done an excellent job in translating this valuable treatise, bringing additional authenticity to the transmission of this work and propagation of Wang Fengyi’s teachings.