Chen Kung Series

Chen Kung Series

Chen Kung Series: From the Private Family Records of Master Yang Luchan (Four Books Now Available)

A Master’s Program on the Art of Taijiquan

Without question, of all the Taijiquan literature produced in the past three hundred years, none has surpassed or equaled the depth of Chen Kung’s work. Foremost in Taijiquan literature, Chen’s book, published in 1936, is a distinct and invaluable resource, providing teachings from the Yang family private transcripts.

Covering the traditional Yang family system of Taijiquan practice and philosophy, translations with commentary of the entire text are now being presented to English readers in this seven-volume series by Stuart Alve Olson.

No matter what style of Taijiquan you practice or what level of expertise you have achieved, this series of books will greatly broaden your knowledge and skills, as it is truly a “Master’s Program” on the art of Taijiquan.

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