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Tai Ji Quan Shi Yong Fa: Practical Use Methods of Taijiquan
A Commemorative Book for a Combined Assembly of Yang Family Taijiquan Lineage Holders

(Chinese Text Only)

Authored by Yang Chengfu, Compiled and Edited by Liang Hancao and Han Zhengsheng

Collector Edition (Chinese language only)
This Chinese reproduction by Valley Spirits Arts comes from an original work on the Practical Use Methods of Tai Ji Quan. This commemorative book was originally compiled by a combined assembly of Yang Family Taijiquan lineage holders who held a conference during the third month of 1953 at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. The book contains many photos of the event as well as 102 photographs of Yang Chengfu performing the Yang Family Taijiquan postures, eight photos of the two main sets of Taijiquan Pushing Hands, thirty-seven photos of Yang Chengfu performing Taijiquan applications, and fourteen photos of the Taiji Spear two-person set (featuring Master Chen Weiming). The book also contains many original Yang Family writings, lineage charts and photos of teachers and biographies of Yang Family members and disciples (Chinese text only).

This collector’s edition is a companion work to the short film (narrated in English) that Master T.T. Liang produced at the conference, also available from Valley Spirit Arts in the DVD Master T.T. Liang Taijiquan Demonstrations. The rare historical footage in the DVD includes demonstrations of Prof. Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s 37-Posture T’ai Chi Ch’uan Solo Form, Master T.T. Liang’s 178-Posture Two-Person (San Shou) T’ai Chi Ch’uan Set, T’ai Chi Double-Edged Sword Form, and the San-Cai (Three Powers) Sword Fencing Set.

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The Tai Ji Quan Shi Yong Fa: Practical Use Methods of Taijiquan book and Master T.T. Liang Taijiquan Demonstrations DVD are true historical treasures on the art of Taijiquan.

Purchase the Yang Family Lineage Holders Book and DVD Set at the discounted price of $69.95 ($79.90 when sold separately).


Entering the Rosy Clouds: The Taoist Art of Sexual Pleasure, Restoration, and Transcendence

Sex is the most powerful psychological and physiological energy in the human experience. Just treated recreationally, it becomes a catalyst for poor health and early death, but when used with a purpose and discipline, becomes an exceptional path for experiencing optimal health and longevity, and as a means for experiencing transcendental states. More …

New Book in Our Collector Edition Chinese Reproductions Series:

佛 家 印 手 圖 法, Fo Jia Yin Shou Tu Fa:
Buddhism — Illustrated Mudra (Hand Seal) Methods (Chinese Text Only)

This very rare book presents 376 images of mudras (印 手, Yin Shou, literally “Hand Seals”), showing the most complete depictions of this art ever published. These symbolic hand gestures were used for centuries in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies, and some were later borrowed by Taoists as well, such as seen in Yu the Great’s finger manipulation ritual and in Taoist chanting (such as the eight hand gestures used with the Eight Great Chants. See Taoist Chanting & Recitation: At-Home Cultivator’s Practice Guide ).

Mudras are generally used for healing, protection, invoking spirits, and meditation. Hand Seals are very powerful tools and usually include a mantra (chant) and visualization. Some Hand Seals can only be actualized by transmission from a teacher, such as the 42 Hands of Buddhism.

This book is very much a collector’s work no matter if one reads Chinese or not. The old drawings of the hand positions are really beautiful and inspiring. All statuary of various enlightened beings depict them using Hand Seals, and all of them can be seen in this work. So this book is very valuable to anyone interested in spiritual art and statuary.

This book is being made available not only for readers interested in viewing the depth of this practice and art, but also for spiritual organizations that would like to have this collection for their libraries. More …


The Six Healing Sounds: Taoist Breathing Therapy for Health and Longevity

Like its sister volume Embryonic Breathing: The Taoist Method of Opening the Dan Tian, the information provided in this work is quite extensive and, due to its compactness, more readily accessible. The full implications of practicing the Six Secret Words has far-reaching effects towards a person’s health, longevity, and spiritual development. Sound therapies have been used in almost every culture throughout history, even in present-day Western medicine, but none have been quite as profound as those found in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The use of sound in Chinese spiritual practices goes back deep into antiquity, and in many cases finding its roots in ancient India. More

Embryonic Breathing: The Taoist Method of Opening the Dan Tian

This book reveals the simple and effective method of Embryonic Breathing within Taoist meditation for the purpose of opening the lower Elixir Field, the very foundation of Internal Alchemy. It focuses on Stuart Alve Olson’s translation of The Lofty and Foremost Jade Emperor’s Canon on Embryonic Breathing, a very popular sixteenth century Taoist text comprising nine verses, as well as a translation of the brilliant commentary by Taoist Master Zhong Xuzi. In addition Olson provides a concise and informative introduction and commentary on the nine verses of the text, and shares much of what he had learned from Master T.T. Liang on this subject. More …

Yellow Court Final Seminar

Instructed by Stuart Alve Olson
February 10 & 11, 2018

Hours: 9 am to 4 pm each day
(two-hour break for lunch
from 11 am to 1 pm)

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Limited to 10 participants.
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Yellow Court DVD Series – Second Seminar (5-DVD Set)

The Original Teachings of Internal Alchemy and Qiqong

Filmed over the weekend of September 2 & 3, 2017, this 5-DVD set of the Second Seminar on the Yellow Court teachings taught by Stuart Alve Olson contains lectures on each of the thirty-six chapters of the Yellow Court Internal Illumination, originally composed by Madame Wei Huacun (魏 華 存 夫 人, Wei Hua Cun Fu Ren, 252–334 CE), founder of the Highest Clarity Sect during the Jin dynasty. More …

Discourse on Transforming Inner Nature: Hua Xing Tan

Authored by Wang Fengyi, Translated by Johan Hausen and Jonas Todd Akers
Foreword by Daoist Renunciate Xing De

This wonderful and remarkable book by Wang Fengyi (1864–1937) is a true testament to the benefits of Daoist spiritual cultivation. At age thirty-five, having become aware of the repercussions and implications of emotions on his own health condition, Wang attained the Dao and began spreading his teachings. One of his most remarkable accomplishments was the founding of countless schools for young women, making education accessible to them on a large scale.

Wang Fengyi’s teachings are like a thoughtful and insightful poetry that can allow one to transform oneself, one’s body and one’s Spirit. If you seek to help others or bring wellness to yourself, these teachings can be enormously beneficial, offering direction and great insights for one’s well-being.

As Daoist practitioners, Johan Hausen and Jonas Akers have done an excellent job in translating this valuable treatise, bringing additional authenticity to the transmission of this work and propagation of Wang Fengyi’s teachings.

Tai Ji Quan: 105-Posture Yang Style Solo Form Instructions and Applications

The long-awaited third volume in the Chen Kung Series presents the detailed instructions on the original Yang Style 105-Posture Taijiquan form, along with explanations of the practical self-defense applications, commentaries by Chen Kung, translations of the illustrations in the text, and notes by Stuart Alve Olson. A truly remarkable, insightful work that complements anyone’s library on the art of Taijiquan.

Chen Kung Series Update

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Other books and DVDs in the Chen Kung Series

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Yellow Court: The Exalted One’s Yellow Court External Illumination Scripture (Volume One)

Volume One in the Yellow Court Series features Stuart Alve Olson’s translations of the External Illumination text and the commentary of Wu Chengzi (a Tang dynasty Taoist scholar and adept), along with his translator’s notes and explanations of the many cryptic Taoist terms used within the original texts.

The Yellow Court teachings were the first Taoist texts to describe the methods of Internal Alchemy through meditation and Qigong methods, as opposed to the earlier metallurgical processes of External Alchemy. The Yellow Court texts approach the idea of gaining health, longevity, and immortality through the imagery of interior spirits, which can be perceived in terms of consciousnesses or physiological energies of the body.

The External Illumination is an incredible source guide for anyone interested in Taoist meditation, Qigong, and philosophy. It forms the structure from which Madame Wei Huacun expanded the teachings and practices in her Internal Illumination work (featured in Volume Two of the Yellow Court Series)More …

Also see the Yellow Court Lecture Series Recordings

Yellow Court DVD Series – First Seminar (4-DVD Set)
The Original Teachings of Internal Alchemy and Qiqong

Filmed over the weekend of January 28 & 29, 2017, during the first Yellow Court Seminar taught by Stuart Alve Olson, this 4-DVD set contains the instructions for the initial practices of the Yellow Court External Illumination as described in volume 1 of the Yellow Court Series by Stuart Alve Olson and Valley Spirit Arts. More

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Online Master’s Program on the Art of Taijiquan

Each lesson in this program will be taught in detail by Stuart Alve Olson, along with explanations on various self-defense techniques, intrinsic energies, principles, and theories. These lessons go beyond just demonstrations and instructions, delving deeply into the aspects for mastering Taijiquan practice. Sixty+ lessons will eventually be made available. Study them one-by-one at your own pace. Check back for updates as they become available and join our mailing list.

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