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New Releases!

Taiji Sword, Saber & Staff DVD

This new DVD provides demonstrations and instructions on the Taijiquan Sword, Saber, and Staff forms as detailed in volume 6 of the Chen Kung Series: Tai Ji Bing Shu, translated by Stuart Alve Olson.

Although these weapons are complete training systems of Taijiquan, each has a primary focus in its intentions: sword develops the skill of extending intrinsic energy through the arms and hands, saber develops the skill of issuing qi from the spine, and staff develops the skill of directing intrinsic energy through the waist. More …

Clarity and TranquilityClarity & Tranquility: A Guide for Daoist Meditation

Clarity & Tranquility: A Guide for Daoist Meditation is an in-depth work on the method of Tranquil Sitting, a crucial and important practice for all Daoist practitioners. Stuart Alve Olson’s introduction provides a great deal of valuable advice, history, and purpose for Tranquil Sitting. The main body of the work is divided into three integral sections that provide a comprehensive overview for anyone seriously seeking to practice meditation, whether one is a beginner or a longtime practitioner. Each section is distinct, yet they all work together to ensure the meditation practitioner has not only the insight of purpose for Daoist meditation, but the correct method. More …

Daoist Sexual Arts: A Guide for Attaining Health, Youthfulness, Vitality, and Awakening the Spirit

The subject of Daoist sexual teachings and practices has often been confusing to Western readers. This confusion is a result of how Daoism has intrinsically bound sexuality with spirituality and internal alchemy, making the language of its literature difficult to grasp by Western readers.

In Daoist Sexual Arts, Stuart Alve Olson demystifies this specialized language through his insightful instructional notes and comments, culled from his many years of intense study and practice of Daoist arts.

This book presents two of the most important texts of Daoist restorative and transformative sexual alchemy teachings (The Immortaless He Xiangu 
on the Correct Course for Female Practice and The Immortal Zhang Sanfeng’s 
Summary on Gathering the True Root-Power), augmented with excerpts and insights from a variety of Daoist schools, all of which makes this book a valuable source guide for anyone interested in Daoist health, longevity, sexual-spiritual philosophy, and internal alchemy teachings. More


Yellow Court Scripture (Audio Recordings)

Stuart Alve Olson’s lectures on the entire Yellow Court Scripture, with commentary by Tang Dynasty Daoist Priest Wu Zhengzi, is now being offered to all customers of Valley Spirit Arts and members of the Sanctuary of Dao. The information in these 70 audio recordings is simply not attainable anywhere else. Recorded from online classes that Stuart conducted with a student over the past year and a half, this commentary on the Yellow Court Scripture touches on Daoist philosophy, meditation, internal alchemy, medical qigong, and the spirit world like no other Daoist material provides. The Yellow Court Scripture is the source from which almost all Daoist internal alchemy practices have developed. More …

EighteenLohanSkillsCoverThe Eighteen Lohan Skills: Traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Training Methods

Available February 15, order your copy now!

This book belongs in every martial artist’s library, as the Eighteen Lohan Skills are a foundational system for the development of kung fu—not only traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu, but for nearly all martial art systems created thereafter. Through its yoga-like stretching aspects, the Eighteen Lohan Skills are not only a qigong practice (combining breathing with body movements), they also train martial applications, and promote internal alchemy skills because they stimulate and develop the internal energies of jing (body/essence), qi (breath/vitality), and shen (mind/spirit). The Eighteen Lohan Skills presents a complete system for health, longevity, and spiritual development. More

Latest book in the Chen Kung Series Now Available!

Tai Ji Tui Shou: Mastering the Eight Styles and Four Skills of Sensing Hands (Volume 4)

This volume in the Chen Kung Series presents the two-person Tui Shou exercises of the Eight Styles and Four Skills of Sensing Hands (popularly known as “Pushing Hands”). The main purpose of Sensing Hands—and also Greater Rolling-Back (Da Lu) and Dispersing Hands (San Shou)—is to learn how to Interpret the movements and changes of the opponent, and, just as importantly, how to sense your own defects. The Taijiquan Classic says, “Through knowing yourself, you can know others,” so in Taijiquan, you learn how to interpret yourself first, and then apply it to an opponent. More