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Tai Ji Quan: Practice and Applications of the 105-Posture Solo Form

Pre-order now for only $19.95 ($5 off the retail price). The book will be available in May 2017.

The long-awaited third volume in the Chen Kung Series is very close to being published. For Taijiquan enthusiasts, this book provides detailed information on performing the original Yang Style postures, the practical self-defense explanations, the internal principles of Taijiquan, explanations of the Thirteen Operations, and definitions of posture names. Visit our GoFundMe page for more information about the Chen Kung Series.

Now Available – Yellow Court DVD Series

Yellow Court DVD Series – First Seminar (4-DVD Set)
The Original Teachings of Internal Alchemy and Qiqong

Filmed over the weekend of January 28 & 29, 2017, during the first Yellow Court Seminar taught by Stuart Alve Olson, this 4-DVD set contains the instructions for the initial practices of the Yellow Court External Illumination as described in volume 1 of the Yellow Court Series by Stuart Alve Olson and Valley Spirit Arts. More


Also Available – Volume One in the Yellow Court Book Series

(Volume Two Coming Soon!)

Yellow Court: The Exalted One’s Yellow Court External Illumination Scripture (Volume One)

Volume One in the Yellow Court Series features Stuart Alve Olson’s translations of the External Illumination text and the commentary of Wu Chengzi (a Tang dynasty Taoist scholar and adept), along with his translator’s notes and explanations of the many cryptic Taoist terms used within the original texts.

The Yellow Court teachings were the first Taoist texts to describe the methods of Internal Alchemy through meditation and Qigong methods, as opposed to the earlier metallurgical processes of External Alchemy. The Yellow Court texts approach the idea of gaining health, longevity, and immortality through the imagery of interior spirits, which can be perceived in terms of consciousnesses or physiological energies of the body.

The External Illumination is an incredible source guide for anyone interested in Taoist meditation, Qigong, and philosophy. It forms the structure from which Madame Wei Huacun expanded the teachings and practices in her Internal Illumination work (featured in Volume Two of the Yellow Court Series)More …

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Latest Books!

Seen and UnseenThe Seen and Unseen: A Taoist Guide for the Meditation 
Practice of Inner Contemplation

The Seen and Unseen, based on the teachings of The Yellow Emperor’s Yin Convergence Scripture,presents the philosophical details for engaging in the inner contemplative forms of meditation. Many methods on meditation are based on the teaching of ceasing all thought, but in this work the practice goes to the contemplation and observation of thoughts and mind. As the Yin Convergence Scripture states, “Mind creates everything.” There is nothing other than mind, so the understanding and contemplation of it will culminate in realizing the Tao. The Yin Convergence Scripture is one of the oldest Taoist texts on contemplative meditation. It approaches meditation as an act of understanding through quiet contemplation of the Three Powers of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity and how the Five Thieves of each power rob us of not only realizing the Tao, but our health and longevity as well. More

Latest book and DVDs in the Chen Kung Series

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