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New Releases!

Li Qingyun’s Eight Brocades – DVD

This companion DVD to the book The Immortal: True Accounts of the 250-Year-Old Man, Li Qingyun by Yang Sen, translated by Stuart Alve Olson, follows the instructions and commentary Li Qingyun provided on his Eight Diagram Elemental Skills (commonly known as the Eight Brocades Seated Qigong Exercises).

Although the Eight Brocades Dao Yin (leading and guiding the breath) methods have been part of Daoist and Buddhist teachings for centuries, Li Qingyun’s commentaries on the exercises are in-line with the Buddhist lineage, as Li said he learned them from his Buddhist teacher.

The techniques and methods in this DVD are clearly explained and demonstrated, strictly adhering to how Li Qingyun presented and taught them in 1927 while visiting with Yang Sen and his associates in Wanxian, China.

Daoist Sexual Art Lectures

Daoist Sexual Arts for Health, Youthfulness, Longevity, and Spirit (Recordings and Class)

For a limited time, you can order the recordings of the three online classes Stuart has been teaching on Daoist Sexual Art practices for the discounted price of $240. This offer runs from now until December 7th, the date of the final class. If you order before December 7, you can also join the final class online. After that date, the price of the recordings will be $300.

Along with the recordings, you will receive PDFs of the subjects for each class. These  translations are on the Rosy Clouds chapter from The Immortal, selected works from The Plain Girl Classic, and sections on Harmonizing the Yin and Yang. More …

Remaining Class: Sunday, December 7th.

Times: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Mountain Time Zone)
Fee: $240

BSM Vol1

Book of Sun and Moon (I Ching): Traditional Perspectives on Divination and Calculation for the Book of Changes (Two-Volume Series)

Translation and commentaries by Stuart Alve Olson.

The books in this two-volume series present the most important tools and information on how to utilize the Book of Changes (I Ching, or Yi Jing). The Book of Sun and Moon, an alternative—though accurate—translation for the title of the Yi Jing, is both a book of divination and calculation. Its use in divination means to apply intuition concerning the oracle of the hexagrams (the sixty-four images of broken and unbroken Yin-and-Yang lines). Its ability to calculate and determine possible outcomes for any situation involves examining the logical correlations associated with each of the hexagrams and what images they change into and head toward.

Volume I contains background historical information and explanations of the Yi Jing’s construction and uses for divination and calculation. Volume II contains the translations of the original Book of Sun and Moon, along with specific correlations for the hexagrams and trigrams for interpretation, as well as Stuart Alve Olson’s commentaries derived from various Chinese sources.

These new editions of the Book of Sun and Moon provide a distinctly Daoist perspective on the work, which sets them apart from the majority of other translations of the Yi Jing that contain commentaries based on Confucian ideals and philosophy. More …


We updated Master T.T. Liang’s 150-Posture Yang Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan Form DVDs so that the footage now fits on one DVD. The following video of Stuart Alve Olson discussing Taijiquan principles (which had appeared in the former version) is now available here and through our YouTube channel.